Screen Door Closers are handy for keeping out all kinds of pests…

Flyscreen doors, Security Screen doors, Crimsafe doors – they’re all handy at preventing unwanted visitors of one kind or another.

It’s a fact. Screen Doors just aren’t effective unless they’re closed, which makes a good quality Screen Door Closer pretty handy to have.

You’ll need something reliable, that’s going to last. Something you can adjust the speed on so it won’t slam behind you. Something with a holdback function – so handy when you need to bring in the groceries. 

At Jim Roberts Locksmiths, you’ll find our team can advise, install and service the right screen door closer to suit your situation & requirements. For the best advice & service, call our team of professionals at Jim Roberts Locksmiths.

Our best selling Screen Door Closer…

334/45 Lockwood Padlock

Lockwood 403 Screens Door Closer

  •  Suitable for right or left-hand hinged screen doors or light internal doors weighing up to 21kg.
  • Spring-loaded bleed valve for smooth closing
  • Closing speed easily hand adjustable
  • Door hold-open feature
  • Surface mounting
  • Rapid air release function
  • Automatic latch operation
  • Easy installation
  • Aluminium drawn cylinder
  • Zinc diecast cylinder end cap
  • Zinc plated steel rod and brackets
  • Available in the flowing finishes: Brown & Silver 

Working with the Best…

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