Anyone who has lost a key to a padlock – or tried to find one in a large bunch, will appreciate a combination padlock. By being secured by a combination, they minimise the hassle of keeping track of key holders – and as a contained unit with no keyhole, they are very durable and unable to be picked or bumped to force entry. There are many varieties for different purposes, and some come with a key override (just in case). For the best advice and service,  just contact our experienced team at Jim Roberts Locksmiths.

Examples of our Most Popular Combination Padlocks for homes and businesses…

Salto Geo Padlock

Salto Geo Wireless Padlock 

  •  A versatile locking solution that enables users to benefit from the advantages of electronic access control where previously it was only possible to use a mechanical locking solution.
  • Ideal for perimeter or fire access gates, industrial equipment yards and residential storage areas.
  • Encrypted and secure communication between the carrier and the Geo Padlock.
  • Padlock made of brass with a polished chrome finish.
  • 58 mm body.
  • 8 mm shackle made of stainless steel.
  • IP66 rated.
  • Fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 platform.
175DAU Combination Padlock

Master Lock 175DAU 51mm Combination Padlock Stainless Steel 

  • Heavy-duty grade Combination Padlock.
  • Set-your-own combination convenience.
  • 4 digit dialing allows for thousands of possible combinations.
  • Resettable to any of 10,000 personalised combinations.
  • Change combination with change key at any time.
  • Hardened steel shackle provides maximum cut resistance.
  • 0176 features key override.
  • 1174D is constructed from grade 316 stainless steel and has a dial cover making this lock ideal for corrosive environments.
604DAU Combination Padlock

Master Lock 604DAU 40mm Brass Resettable Combination Padlock

  •  Ideal for securing sheds, storefront gates, or residential gates.
  • 40mm solid brass body for extra resistance against rust and corrosion
  • Steel shackle
  • The combination is able to be reset
  • 4-digit set-your-own combination
  • Body width: 40mm
630DAU Combination Padlock

Master Lock 630DAU 30mm Brass Finish Combination Lock

  • Ideal for securing lockers, cabinets, and indoor storage trunks
  • 3-Digit set your own combination. Keyless convenience.
  • Bronze-Plated Steel shackle. Cut resistance.
  • Solid aluminium body with brass finish. Weather resistance and durability.
  • Easy to set & reset. Allows for personalised combinations. 


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