A Lock Cylinder is the part of the lock that does most of the work.

We usually don’t give that much thought to how the magic happens, do we? You put in a key, turn, and you have access to what you need. Or you stop someone else trying to get access.

In most cases, a lock cylinder is essentially made up of pins and a core/ barrel for the key. It sounds so simple. 

Yet think about it. This same Lock Cylinder technology has to work for padlocks, security screen locks, sliding glass door locks, locks on suitcases, in mortice locks and locks in doorknobs. So many different locks in different environments all over the world. For the best service and advice for the right cylinder for your locks, just contact our experienced team at Jim Roberts Locksmiths for the best service and advice!

Examples of Lock Cylinders you may see…

334/45 Lockwood Padlock

Lockwood Oval Mortice Lock Cylinder

  • Suits Lockwood 3570 Series Mortice Locks
  • 6 pin oval cylinder
  • Various cams available to suit desired function/ application
  • Keyed to differ
  • Bump resistant
  • 6 pin compatible
  • Standard C4 keyway
ABUS 65 Series Padlock

Brava Metro 6P Knob Lock Cylinder


  • Suits BRAVA Metro series locksets.
  • Suits most BRAVA Urban deadbolts.
  • 6 pin PD 8221 cylinder.
  • Silca LW5 keyway.
  • Keyed to differ with 2 keys.
  • Able to be keyed alike, or to restricted keying depending on the brand and model.
721B40 Abus Red Fire Padlock

Whitco W842200 Security Screen Lock Cylinder

  • Lazy cam.
  • Solid brass & zinc diecast euro cylinder.
  • Removable cap for easy keying or rekeying.
  • Silca LW4 profile.
  • Keyed alike.
  • Cylinder length 62.5 mm.
  • Includes 2 chrome-plated keys per cylinder.
  • Finished in bright chrome.
Lockton 500 Padlock

Brava Urban Euro Cylinders Single-Sided with Turn

  • BRAVA euro cylinder with turn
  • 5 pin fixed cam.
Lockton 500 Padlock

Brava Urban Euro Cylinder Double Sided

  • BRAVA euro cylinder
  • 5 pin fixed cam.
Lockton 500 Padlock

Lockwood Onyx Sliding Glass Door Lock Cylinder

  • Solid brass body with brass & stainless steel components.
  • Suits all double cylinder Onyx patio door locks
  • Can be keyed to a range of specially controlled or restricted and master key systems
Lockton 500 Padlock

Brava Urban 201 Rim Lock Cylinder


  • Suits most rim-mounted locks.
  • Silca LW4 keyway.
  • Keyed to differ.
  • Solid extruded brass cylinder and barrel.
  • Suits most cylinder rim-mounted locks on the market.
Lockton 500 Padlock

Blank Cylinders

  • Oval dummy cylinder.
  • Easily replaces keyed cylinders.
  • Finished in satin chrome.
Lockton 500 Padlock

Brava Metro Mortice Lock Cylinder with Turn-Snib

  • Brava Metro oval cylinder with turn snib.
  • Suit most narrow style mortice locks.
  • Supplied with rabbit ear cam.
  • Finished in satin chrome.

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