Door Closer Accessories ensure the smooth & effective operation of a door closer.

From minimising damage to walls & furniture to holding doors open, make the door closer work your way with accessories to suit. 

Of course, the best place to start is at Jim Roberts Locksmiths. We supply, install & service Door Closers & accessories throughout Townsville & North Queensland.  Our experienced team of professionals will help you make the right choice for your situation, contact our team now!

Examples of Door Closer Accessories…

Folding T-Handle Barrel

2616-152 Door Closer Hold Open Device

  • Lockwood hold open device suits 2616 and 2615 series closers.

  • Hold open option is not approved on any fire door.

  • Maximum damping angle 110°.

  • Stops door from hitting the wall.

  • Adjustable within the slide channel.
Mounting Bracket

2616-104SIL Door Closer Mounting Bracket

  • Lockwood angle plate suits 2616 and 2615 series closers.

  • Allows the side rail to be installed below the door jamb.

  • Required when the face of the door jamb exceeds 25 mm from the face of the door in the closed position.

  • Dimensions: 506 (L) x 30 (H) x 35 mm (W).
  • Finished in silver.
Drop T Light Duty

2616-153 Door Closer Opening Damper

  • Lockwood opening damper suits 2616 and 2615 series closer.
  • Designed to prevent door and furniture damage.
  • Required for fire door applications.
  • Maximum damping angle 110°.
  • Stops door from hitting the wall.
  • Adjustable within the slide channel.
Drop T Light Duty

SP7726-432 Door Closer Hold Open Slide Block Assembly

  • Lockwood 7726/7714/724 slide arm hold open block assemble.
  • Adjustable hold-open device. 
  • To set the hold-open angle move hold-open device to required position and firmly tighten screw.
  • If hold-open is not required do not tighten HO screw.
  • Hold open option is not approved on any fire doors.
Drop T Light Duty

Door Closer Drop Plate

  • Drop plate.
  • Suitable for use with A2600SIL
  • Finished in Silver.
Drop T Light Duty

Lockwood Surface Mounted Door Stay

  • Provides effective door control for medium to light duty doors. These products mount to the surface of the frame and require a minimum amount of door and frame preparation.
  • Lockwood 8001 Door Stays are ideally suited for medium to light duty applications where the expense of a hydraulic door closer cannot be justified.
  • New and improved smooth action roller mechanism
  • Noiseless friction hold-open
  • Non-handed
  • Mechanism tested to 500,000 cycles
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminium finishes
  • Suitable for door leafs that are required to open or hold-open at 90°
  • Suitable for patio, partitioning, cupboards switch room, FHR type doors
  • Suitable for door widths from 400mm to 850mm
  • Suitable for most door thicknesses
Drop T Light Duty

Briton Door Selectors

  • Designed for use on pairs of doors where the inactive leaf is required to close before the active leaf. 
  • Suitable for double rebated doors and fire doors.
  • Non Handed
  • Door coordinator is a basic requirement for all self-closing pairs of doors that are rebated or have astragals.
  • A Medium-duty commercial product for use in projects with double doors such as electrical cupboards, duct doors or plant rooms. 

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